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Climate-friendly, sustainable and forward-looking for Oberbillwerder - con|energy accompanies the award of the heating and cooling concession

29. April 2022

On April 06, 2022, IBA Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG (IPEG) concluded a heating and cooling concession agreement with KpHG Kommunalpartner Hamburg GmbH. The concession contract provides for a secure, sustainable and resource-saving heating and cooling supply for the new 105th district of Hamburg in Oberbillwerder.

We, the consultants from nymoen|strategieberatung, now con|energy consult gmbh, provided IPEG with strategic, technical and economic advice during the tendering process. In our contract documents, we defined high quality requirements that had to be met by the bidder's technical concept. In addition to security of supply, the requirements included climate neutrality, minimization of combustion heat, modularity of the technical concept or multicoding of areas. KpHG's technical concept relies 100 % on renewable energies, up to 90 % of which can be generated on site. Through an innovative utilization concept of environmental heat, waste heat and the coupling of the heating and cooling network, a climate-neutral and CO2-free heat supply can be ensured for the future residents of Oberbillwerder. At the same time, it was possible to negotiate an attractive heat price, which promises price stability in the future due to the technical concept.