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News Innovative "Heat as a Service" solutions

13. May 2022

The decarbonization of the energy industry will have a significant impact on the range of services offered by an energy supplier. Immo Klaus Drobnik, partner at con|energy consult, comments:

"We are already seeing the trend today, for example, towards "heat as a service" offerings. We have developed a new type of heat contracting for various municipal utilities. Here, the quality of a sustainable heat supply is defined by CO2 emissions. A customer can choose a product that already meets the known CO2 reduction targets for 2050. Alternatively, however, "only" all currently applicable regulations, laws and standards. The customer doesn't have to worry about the technologies that make this possible, the municipal utility takes care of that with a view to the respective existing possibilities on site at the customer."

You are welcome to make an appointment with Immo Klaus Drobnik for a personal exchange at E-world.